Cartoon – historical preservation

Cartoon comic about the protection of monuments. On a construction site, the foreman instructs the excavator driver to excavate the rubble. However, he is not sure whether the rubble is not also protected as a historic monument, like some other things.

Cartoon – Offices and Corona

Cartoon Comic Hidden Object: A woman human resources manager sits desperately in the office with two phones in hand, trying to clear the chaos caused by Corona in the house. In the background she still has an emergency childcare set up.

Cartoon – Corona applause: clapping‘s not enough

Cartoon comic about the payment of caregivers in the health care system. Clapping isn’t enough for us. a person is lying injured on the ground and yells, “Hey, you’ve got to help me!” The EMTs respond, “We do. we clap for you.” And clap for the patient.