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Who I am & what I do

Stefan Roth

Cartoonist und Graphic-Designer
Stefan Roth “stero”, born 1978.

After my studies in communication design I started my own business as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Since then I draw with enthusiasm and pleasure for newspapers, magazines, picture publishers, book publishers and also companies all kinds of cartoons, comics and illustrations. The cartoons presented on this website can also be used for your project upon prior request. For example to add some humor to your employee magazine. Or to make a flyer more eye-catching.

I live in Southern Germany near Biberach in Attenweiler on a former farm with my wife, three children, a few rabbits and chickens and two cheeky rescued pot-bellied pigs.

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Portraitfoto Stefan Roth STERO
Stero Stefan Roth Cartoon Illustration Comic Grafikdesign Coach


My Fields of Activity

Through my work as a graphic designer and illustrator, I can adapt your image and visual language optimally to your corporate design or existing design. You can also, if you want to be free, put the whole project in my hands.


During laughter, happiness hormones (endorphins) are released and enter the bloodstream. We notice this by the fact that the mood rises. And even the immune system is activated by laughing to produce antibodies to protect against bacteria and viruses. If this is not a selling point for cartoons in business … happy and healthy customers.


A picture still says more than 1000 words today. With an individual illustration you can set yourself apart from your competitors and optimize and sharpen the message. You save yourself the trouble of searching for images on the Internet and have also clarified the copyright and usage rights issue in passing.


From concept to print. Over 15 years of professional experience enable me to design entire projects from the idea to delivery. Everything that is visible and printable I can design for you. From car lettering, logos, flyers, brochures, posters, books to packaging, labels, exterior lettering – everything is possible for you.


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Postal address

Stefan Roth
Cartoonist und Dipl. Designer (FH) Kommunikationsdesign
Gutershofen 4
DE – 88448 Attenweiler

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you can read the answers to the questions I have been asked most frequently in the 15 financial years to date. Is your question not included? Write to me or call me: 00497357/9099921.

    I would like a cartoon, a caricature. But I only have a rough idea of the theme ...

    No problem. That’s what makes my job so special. In most cases, a few keywords or a description of the desired effect is sufficient. You can also send me the text to be underlined. That is enough. You will then receive sketches of ideas and can help decide.

    I have my own graphic design agency or advertising agency but only need an illustration or cartoon. Is that possible?

    Yes, with pleasure! You will benefit from my expertise in your field, because it allows the illustration to be optimally tailored to your project concept. In other words: You save explanations about resolution, bleed, scalability.

    Do you also do live caricatures at events?

    No. However, you are welcome to order caricatures at any time.

    I already have a design/logo and ONLY need a flyer quickly - is that possible?

    Yes. I can also work very well within existing design concepts.

    I do not want to have anything to do with orders. Can I also order the whole production?

    Yes, after the creation of the design, I can also organize the appropriate print shop, sign maker, stamp workshop or programmer.

    I do not have time for frequent meetings. Can Roth-Design manage a project without direct personal contact?

    Yes, most of my projects are supervised and processed by me via internet, e-mail and telephone due to your regional spread. A friendly and intensive contact is also possible by telephone. Mutual trust is a prerequisite for this.