Cartoon comic slaughterhouse. The devil sits by his son’s bedside and reads him a bedtime story: and then the butcher cuts off the cow’s hooves while she’s fully conscious. and little Beelzebub says: Dad, please don’t, or I’ll have nightmares again.

This cartoon was created directly after the vigil at the slaughterhouse of the Koch butchery in Biberach an der Riß. The reason for the vigil was research by SOKO Tierschutz at the Biberach slaughterhouse, which documented suspected violations of the Animal Welfare Act via hidden cameras.
My personal opinion on the subject of slaughter: there is no such thing as humane slaughter. There is no way to take an animal’s life early and in an animal-friendly way. If someone tried to do that to us, we would complain massively or even fight back. Therefore: Even if in this case the slaughterhouse Biberach and the affiliated butchery Koch in Biberach have nothing to reproach themselves in matters of animal welfare, they are part of a killing industry that disregards the will to live of animal individuals. The only possibility to put an end to the industrialized and legally established mass murder of animals lies in the hand – or better in the mouth – of the consumer. What is not bought will be discontinued after some time and no longer produced.

Are you involved in an animal rights or animal protection organization? Then you might be allowed to use the cartoon for free. Please write via the form or to

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