Cartoons comics cartoons images about Corona COVID-19.
The Corona Pandemic 2020 in Europe and the rest of the world. Cartoons about the mandatory mask and its opponents. About mask deniers and mask fashion. About distance, social distance and distance from distance rules. Perhaps other epidemics, such as swine flu, can also have their say here. Also one or another conspiracy theory of the conspiracy mythologists like Qanon, alu hats, chemtrails, reptiloides and much more get made fun of here. And the best part is: Just laugh along: you can find more viral cartoons HERE!

Corona Cartoon – Curfew lifted – comic

Cartoon comic about the curfew. Now that the curfew has been lifted in some places, people have more opportunities to be bored outside. Without cinema, without party, without meeting, without restaurants and pubs.

Corona Cartoon-Comic Winter Conspiracy

For the one it is snow, for the other …
Cartoon-Comic-Picture about Corona pandemic and conspiracy theories and conspiracy ideologies: Cartoon-Comic-Picture: It’s snowing in Corona winter. One man rejoices and shouts: It’s snowing! Another runs away screaming because he thinks that the snowflakes are chemtrails and forced vaccination. He probably clings to one of the many conspiracy ideologies.