Cartoon comic about the payment of caregivers in the health care system. Clapping isn’t enough for us. a person is lying injured on the ground and yells, “Hey, you’ve got to help me!” The EMTs respond, “We do. we clap for you.” And clap for the patient.

Yes, it became suspiciously quiet after applause for the overworked caregivers was heard from balconies everywhere. It was a great idea to give Corona applause, after all. According to initial reports, some nursing staff have already gratefully switched their financial liabilities from dollars to applause. In New Harington, for example, a nurse brought her landlord her monthly rent in applause. Since 5 minutes of applause is roughly equivalent to 1000 dollars, the rent was quickly paid. The only problem: Since her landlord didn’t know this new form of currency, he couldn’t give her any change. But Mrs. M. begrudged him this surplus and went back to night shift.

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