Cartoon firefighting and parking cars

Cartoon about fire truck and parking situation. A fire truck on an emergency run is parked in an alley that is blocked on the left and right. It cannot get through. The engine driver suggests that it should switch to clearing vehicles. In fact, the maximum width of a fire truck is 2.50 meters. So 3.50 meters should always be left free so that the fire department can get to the scene safely.

Cartoon elder care and care bots

Cartoon comic about care robots. A senior citizen is happy about a dog that is jumping onto her lap. And the care robot wonders: What does he have that I don’t? The senior citizen answers: Fur, a wet nose and, most importantly, a heart!

Cartoon cormorant

Cartoon on the situation around the cormorant. It hunts too much and its faeces endanger trees. So now all cormorants go to the cormorant school and learn how to buy fish properly and how to go to the toilet properly.