Cartoon on vaccination: a shopkeeper looks at his shop window on which there is a poster saying “Vaccinated people don’t buy from unvaccinated people”.

Shortly after its publication, this cartoon generated over 300 mostly insulting comments on my facebook page. Successful or not, it was moving. Since I also fulfill a discursive educational claim with my cartoons (also in textbooks), I decided to offer it here on my cartoon page as well. Please understand that in this case, if you request usage, I will ask even more critically and especially in more detail and will most likely refuse, because I will absolutely prevent a misuse of the cartoon.

Search words: Vaccinate, Unvaccinated, Discrimination, Pandemic, Jew-hatred, Holocaust, Parallels, Controversial, Extreme, Voluntary, Compulsory vaccination, Freedom of choice, Coercion.

Picture-ID: 211012-en

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